Crazy Cherry Slots

Wager Gaming Software gets the credit for Crazy Cherry Slots, a three reel slot with a single pay line that follows in the mold of traditional slot games.

Inside The Craziness Of Crazy Cherry Slots

This game features a retro slot machine design that comes with double cranks. There is much more to Crazy Cherry Slots than just the cherry icon. The other game icons are the triple red sevens, the double bar, the Crazy Cherry logo, triple bars and single bars. The wild symbol is represented by the Crazy Cherry Logo. If you get a single one to fall on the pay line, it will impact winning combinations based on the number of coins you wagered with.

Landing a trio of the game logo on a single coin wager, will result in 1,000 coins. And if you land three of these based on two coins, then the amount will double. The amount will triple with three coins, and in turn quadruples with four coins, and if you mange to land three of this symbol on five coins, then the top game jackpot of 5,000 coins becomes yours. The red sevens ranks as the second highest paying symbol. The amount you’ll win ranges between 100 coins to 500 coins. The triple bar ranks as the third highest paying symbol. The winning amounts range between 50 coins to 250 coins.

It is also important to note that this game does not come with any scatter symbols, so there are no free spins nor other bonus games to be played in Crazy Cherry Slots. Regular game play wins are based from the left of the reel to the right by getting three of a kind of an icon to fall on the pay line. The minimum wager in this game stands at ten cents. There are also buttons that help you make you place your bets more easily. You can even bet a single credit or play all five at the same time with either the single credit button or the max credit button. You also have the choice of pulling the side crank to wager a single credit.

Before wagering any real money, you can play some practice games to get the feel of it. An options button is also available where you can adjust the game settings like reel speed. Wager Gaming Software is proud to present Crazy Cherry Slots, a vintage three reel slot with a single pay line. This retro slot can be played at many online casinos, either on your desktop or your mobile device.