3X Wild Cherry Slots

It’s time to cherry up with Wager Gaming Software’s popular slot game, 3X Wild Cherry Slots.

The Sweet Details On 3X Wild Cherry Slots

3X Wild Cherry Slots is a throwback to the era of vintage slot games. It is a three reel slot game that comes with one pay line. This classic slot game is patterned in the likeness of retro, Vegas style slot games. All the icons in this slot are simple casino icons. This is a three coin game, so the amount you will win, will be based on the number of coins you are placing your bets with.

The 3X Wild Cherry official logo represents the game’s wild symbol. Manage to get one to land on the reel will make everything three times as nice. Should you get at least two of them to land on the pay line, you will receive a 9X winning multiplier. As stated earlier, the cherries are most definitely wild. It should come to no surprise that the cherries rank as the top paying symbol. Once more, the number of coins you wager with will determine if you receive 500, 1,000 or 1,500 coins.

The bell is another important symbol. The bell will either reward you with 50, 100 or 150 coins. The other game icons are the red sevens, the dollar stacks, the triple bar, the double bar as well as the single bar. You can score a win by mixing any three of the bars. You can also win by getting a single bar to land on the pay line. Unlike the traditional three reel games, there is a progressive jackpot that can hit when you get a jackpot symbol on the reel.

3X Wild Cherry does not have any scatter symbols, so there are no free spins nor bonus rounds. You can bets on your own, or set them up through auto play mode. There is a single credit and a max credit button available so you can easily place the bet you want. 3X Wild Cherry can be played anywhere and at anytime either on your desktop or your preferred smart device at your leisure. Wager Gaming Software proudly presents 3X Wild Cherry Slots, a traditional slot game which is available at many online casinos. You can play it directly online on the web browser or you can download it.