Turkey Shoot Slots

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, Real Time Gaming is giving gamers the chance to carve the turkey and say grace all year round.

About The Game

Turkey Shoot is a classic three reel game that comes with a single pay line full of the seasonal trimmings. This is a multi coin game, so the amount of coins you place your spins on will determine the value that you earn. The wild symbol in the game is represented by the happy go lucky, turkey itself. When this icon lands on the third reel, it will launch the wild turkey shoot bonus round where you can win up to 500 coins.

The regular turkey symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game. Managing to land three off a single coin wager, is good for 5,000 coins. Two coin wagers results in 10,000 coins, and a three coin bet is good for 15,000 coins. Individually, the turkey can produce serious winning combinations. Landing two, in harmony with another symbol can pay up to 25 times the bet placed. Landing a single one will serve as a 5 times winning multiplier. Turkey Shoot is rich in winning multipliers. If the turkey falls along with the two times multiplier, then the overall winning multiplier will grow to 10 times. Going even further, any combination of the turkey symbol and the two times icon will either award you 2,000 coins or 4,000 coins, depending on how many coins you wager.

As stated before the 2 times multiplier is a rich symbol. It will pay either 500 to 1,000 coins, depending on how many coins you’ve wagered with. The other symbols are red sevens, bells, dollar signs, and cherries. The goal is to land a three of a kind on the pay line to score a win. The cherries tend to hit with the most frequency. Landing a single one will pay out at least two coins.

You can place your own bets or have them setup in a sequence through auto play mode. There are also buttons that allow you to easily play single, double or triple credits. You can also pull the side crank to wager a single credit. If you are ready to cut the turkey early, then all it takes is a penny to start your private Thanksgiving celebration with Turkey Shoot.