Affiliate Program

Earn up to 40% commission when you join Slots Vendor, the Affiliate Program for Liberty Slots Flash Casino.

How Do I Join Slots Vendor?

By completing the online application form, you can begin to earn commissions by promoting Liberty Slots Flash Casino. Your application will be quickly approved, and an Affiliate Manager will be in touch with you to go over your account.

How Do I Earn Commission?

You can earn commissions by referring players to Liberty Slots Flash Casino as well as referring affiliates. For the former referral, your commission is based on the wager activity of the players. For the latter referral, your commission is based on the overall earnings of the affiliate.

How Does the Commission Work?

When you refer a player to Liberty Slots Flash Casino, and that player’s net win meets out criteria, you will earn a commission. For example: If the player’s net win if from $1 to $11,000, you receive a 20% commission. This is the minimum. However, if the player’s net win is $50,000 or more, you receive the full 40% commission.

Is There a Fee to Join Slots Vendor?

No. The Slots Vendor Affiliate Program is 100% free.

Join Slots Vendor Affiliate Program and start earning commissions today by referring Liberty Slots Flash Casino.