Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

The source of any online casino game, is that of its gaming developer. On the subject of the new slot wonder, Fruit Loot Wild X Slots, Wager Gaming Technology deserves the credit for producing another gem.

Some of the top notch Wager Gaming Software games are Solomon Mines Slots, a spectacular, 5 reel game that comes with 25 pay lines full of jungle adventures and treasure. There is the football gem Tailgate Blitz where you get ready for the football game of your life, thanks to Wager Gaming Technology.

Major online casino players are fully aware of the prowess and the capability of Wager Gaming Software. Wager Software since the late 1990’s has been nothing but exceptional when it comes to developing blockbuster five reel and even three reel slot games. They are also responsible for many special online casinos that run exclusively on Wager Gaming Software. Some of these casinos you may famously know, are Liberty Slots Casino and Lincoln Casino.

Wager Gaming Technology yet again demonstrates their might with the three reel sensation, Fruit Loot Wild X Slots, which is full of fun and nice rewards.

Don’t Forget About The Demo

A major component of staple of Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is the ability of members to play this game without betting real money. When you play practice rounds, you won’t be able to win or receive money, but you will at least get the feel of the game.

A Special Type Of Theme

Didn’t you hate when you were kid, mom always nagging you to eat more fruit? Well, you can get your fruit in and win too, with the high end fruity symbols and the top game play that only Wager Gaming Software can provide. In addition to the fruit icons, there are powerful winning multipliers and free spins in this game.

A Truly Remarkable Design

Fruit Loot Wild X Slots goes back to is a throwback, three reel game with a single pay line. One pay line is all you need. The design of this slot game plays out like a vintage, Vegas Slots machine. It even has traditional slot symbols like a classic slot game. It also boasts two side cranks. Not to be overlooked in this single pay line bonanza, is the simplicity of the game design. Right within reach are credit buttons and the pay buttons that are right within reach. You can even place your bets through auto play mode.

A Major Brand Of Slot

Fruit Loot Wild X Slots, is unique in many aspects. While there is no progressive jackpot, there is a big jackpot provided that get three of the wild symbols to land on the pay line. In that event, you will get 100 credits.

One Heck Of A Pay Line

It’s worth stating once again, that the game play of Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is quite rewarding and entertaining. Like many three reel games, it only comes with one pay line. There are many icons associated with this single pay line to go with some, high brow free spins which will discuss in a moment.

A Nice Dose Of Free Spins

While it is not common for a three reel game to come with free spins, Fruit Loot Wild X Slots comes with more than its fair share. Specifically, when you land the special, free candy icon on the three slots on the reel, you will then play with 10 free spins. During the free spins round, your wins will be tripled. It is also important to note that you can amass additional free spins while in free spins mode.

The Pay Table Is Pretty Awesome

It is usual in three reel slot, the pay lines tend to be one with only a handful of icons. But when it comes to the icons and their values, Fruit Loot Wild X, doesn’t hold back. You’ve already been introduced to the special free candy icon, which is used to launch the free spins round. Landing one will triple your win, while landing two of them will serve up a 9 times winning multiplier.

The next important symbol is the red seven. Three red sevens on the pay line will shell out 50 credits. The watermelons pay out, very nicely too with 40 credits. Next to the watermelons, there are the oranges, the triple bars, double bars and single bars. And then there is the cherries. You can score a win by mixing any combination of bars. You can even register a win by getting at least two cherries. While most regular slot games will have a traditional pay table button, there is no pay table button, here, rather the game info and the icon values, are right on the monitor itself.

Any Bonuses?

Besides The Free Spins round, there are no extra bonus rounds to be played here with Fruit Loot Wild X Slots. The free spins can add up in a hurry though and you can renew the number of free spins by getting at least three of them to land on the pay line.

Numerous Ways To Make Your Bet

When the time comes for you place real bets, you must make a deposit. Depending on the online casino you are playing at, there are many banking methods to make that deposit. Once the deposit is made, you can then use the pay line buttons to adjust the coin size. The minimum starts at a penny. You can adjust the coin values from a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and all the way up to a dollar. You can even adjust the number of credits that you wish to wager per spin. There is also a single credit and a max credit button.

A Good Return To The Player

It’s hard to find anybody, who likes to lose, but it is a part of gaming. To help you keep your spirits up, Fruit Loot Wild X Slots, has a strong return to player so you don’t lose hope or the will to play this exciting and throwback of a slot game.

So What’s The Rating?

There is no actual rating that comes with Fruit Loot Wild X Slots. This game doesn’t come with any mature subjects, even though it can only be played by those who are of legal age to gamble.

When You Become A Winner

Who doesn’t want to win? Based on the online casino you are enjoying at, you could find your name among the big headline winners when you play at Fruit Loot Wild X Slots. Wager Gaming Technology casinos especially have a tradition of celebrating their winners.

Ready To Play For Real?

When you feel confident to play Fruit Loot Wild X Slots for real and to bet real money in the process, just head to the online cashier and make your deposit. Most Wager Gaming Technology Casinos provides many ways to make your deposit, including major credit cards, Neteller and Skrill, and in some cases, even Bitcoin.

Playing For The Heck Thrills

You can play for the heck of it before making real bets. From time to time, there maybe in house promotions or third party promotions where you may able to play for free with no deposit bonuses or free spins promotions.

Fruit Loot Wild X Slots Is Mobile

Just because Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is a retro slot game, does not mean that you can only play it at your personal computer. Whenever you get the urge to play it, you can play it on your personal laptop, your smart phone or tablet without any issues.