Orient Express Slots

When it comes to making big time, and captivating slot games, Wager Gaming Software more than lives up to the billing. Their reputation remains intact with Orient Express Slots.

Discovering The Mystique

Orient Express is an entertaining, yet very simple five reel game with 21 pay lines. As the title might suggest, it is not about solving a murder mystery aboard the legendary and luxury train of the same name, rather it is about the celebration of the pageantry of the proud, Asian culture. The symbols are very basic.

The icons in the game include the dragon, the gong, bonsai plants, the tiger, Asian symbols, the Asian girl and the boat. It is important to note that Orient Express does not have any wild symbols nor any bonus icons or scatter icons so there are no bonus rounds nor free spins to be played. Again, what you see is what you get. It is also important to note that there is no progressive jackpot as well.

The top paying symbol is the dragon. Filling an entire row with this legendary creature will give you the top amount of 2,500 credits. The gong ranks number two. Five of these on the pay line will shell out 1,000 credits. When it comes to the dragon and the gong, all you need are two credits to score a victory.

The other icons will require you getting three of them to land on the reel from the left of the reel to the right to score a victory. If you are ready to step into the ancient, Asian world of the Orient Express, then all you need is a penny to get the reels spinning. There are buttons where you can easily adjust the coin size. There are also pay line buttons that lets you easily wager the precise number of pay lines you want to place your bets with per spin. There is also a pay table where you can quickly review the game icons and their amounts.

Feel free to place bets manually or have them play out for you through auto play mode. Wager Gaming proudly presents Orient Express Slots, a simple but rewarding slot game that can be enjoyed at many Wager Gaming based casinos. This title is fully optimized for desktop players and smart device users to play at your leisure.