Klondike Fever Slots

Klondike Fever Slots
Happy mining, Oh mining we will go thanks to Cape Cod Gaming’s slot hit, Klondike Fever Slots, a game that’s all about the thrill of mining.

The Inside Details About Klondike Fever Slots

Klondike Fever Slots is a five reel game with a modest 5 pay lines. The game play is pretty straight forward, its is all about mining in the California gold rush, with all the game symbols centering on aspects of mining. There’s a nice picture expanse of rugged terrain with a flowing river. The game does not have a wild symbol, nor for that matter is there a scatter symbol, so there are no bonus rounds nor any free spins to be played or enjoyed. Again what you see is what you get in Klondike Fever Slots.

On the subject of game icons, they are represented by the official game logo, the bag of money, the bulls eye, the skull of the bull, the pic axes, the bull and the horseshoe. The official game logo is the game’s highest paying symbol. Filling an entire row with this symbol will result in the top amount of 10,000 credits. In fact, all you need to win are two credits. A trio of this symbol will do just nicely as well, paying you 100 credits.

The money bag ranks as the second highest paying symbol. Five of them on the pay line will reward you with 1,500 credits. The bulls eye ranks number three, shelling out 500 credits. To score a win, depending on the symbol, you will need to get three of a like icon, from the left of the reel to the right. There are certain symbols like the wild and the bag of money, that will pay out for getting two of them to land.

You can place your own bets, or have them play out for you in a series, via auto play mode. There are pay lines buttons provided for you so you can easily adjust the number of pay lines. All you need to begin this virtual mining trek, is a penny to get the reels spinning. Wager Gaming Software proudly presents Klondike Fever Slots, a simple, what you see is what you get, five reel game that brings back the spirit of mining. This title is available at many online casinos for download or instant play.