Harbour Master Slots

Wager Gaming Software steps up to the plate and deserves the credit for Harbour Master Slots, a throwback to the era of classic slot games.

Heading To Harbour

Harbour Master Slots is a three reel game that comes with a single pay line. The mold of the game is fashioned as a vintage slot game. As the name implies, the theme of the game is all about heading out to sea and the marine life. This title is a five coin game, so players will have the option of playing a single coin all the way to five coins on every spin. And depending on the number of coins you’ve wagered and the trio of an icon you land, will determine the number of coins you will win.

The number one ranked symbol is the compass. A set of three based on a single coin wager is good for 200 coins. Two coins with a trio will reward you with 400, three bumps the amount up to 600, and if you hail in three coins based on a five coin wager, then 1,500 coins will jingle your way.

The second ranked symbol is the boat. Again, the amount of coins you wager with will decide whether or not you receive 100 or all the way up to 500 coins. The other symbols in the game are binoculars, sail boats, and the clock. There is no wild symbol in this game, nor are there any scatter symbols, so there are no free spins nor bonus rounds to play. The top amount again that is available, is 1,500 coins based on getting three compasses off a five coin wager.

There is a single credit button and a max credit button that will give you the option of placing a single credit or the max credits per spin which stands at $50. There is an auto play button, so you can arrange your bets in a sequence or you can place bets one at a time manually. The pay table is right on the screen so you can see the breakdown of the game icons. Unfortunately there is no option button that allows you to tweak game settings. You can adjust the number of cents you wish to wager per spin with plus and minus arrows. Harbour Master Slots comes fully optimized for both desktop and mobile devices users to play anywhere or at any time.