Fruit Slots Slots

Fruit Slots Slots
What do you get when you put together the power of fruit with slots? The answers is Wager Gaming Software’s Fruit Slots.

Going Beyond The Fruit

Fruit Slots is a three reel slot game that comes with a single pay line. And make no mistake about it, the theme of this game is all about the power of the fruit. The design of the game is a simple one. It is shaped in the mold of a traditional slot game, Fruit Slots is a simple, but powerful slot game that offers you several chances to win some nice coin.

The symbols in the game are mostly different types of fruit to go along with traditional casino symbols like the single bar, the double bar, and the triple bar. This game is a three reel coin game. On any spin you can choose to wager a single coin, two coins or three coins. There are individual buttons to help you with each bet you place.

The top ranked symbol is the cherry. Again depending on the number of coins you wager with will determine how much you earn. A single coin wager for getting three, will result in 250 credits. Two coins and three cherries will equal 500 credits, and three cherries off the maximum three coin wager, is good for 2,500 credits. The cherries land with the most frequency and can pay out for landing a single one.

The triple bars ranks as the second highest paid symbol. Again depending on the number of coins you wager will determine whether or not you will receive 80, 160 or 240 credits. The double bars and the single bars rank third and fourth respectively.

There is no scatter symbol so you won’t be able to play any free spins or other bonus rounds. There is no wild symbol in this game for that matter. You can place your own bets or you can set them up through auto play mode. There are credit buttons available to help you bet a single credit, two credits or the max on any spin.

Fruit Slots comes fully optimized for both desktop and mobile device players to play on their computers or their preferred mobile devices, anywhere and at any time. This game can be played at several online casinos either straight online or for download with minimal usage of resources.