Farming Futures Slots

Wager Gaming Software is the platform and the gaming engine behind Farming Futures Slots, a charming and rewarding slot game.

Getting Into The Farm Life

Farming Futures strays away from traditional 5 reel slot games by taking up seven reels to go along with 9 pay lines. The theme of this game is all about the adorable farm animals on the farm. They are also all around the game screen outside the barn. Farming Futures interesting enough, does not feature any wild symbols, nor any scatter symbols for that matter. The highest paying symbol in this game is represented by the farm boy chewing straw. Getting all seven icons of him will result in 2,500 coins.

The second highest ranking symbol is the horse. Manage to get all seven of the horses to land on the pay line will result in 1,000 coins. The happy faced duck ranks come in third on the paying symbol. Getting seven of him to fall on the pay line is good for 500 coins. The other icons are the pretty cow, the goat and the wealthy pig.

As stated before, this game has no scatter symbol. As a result there are no bonus rounds, nor any free spins to be played. Wins are determined from both sides of the reel. Farmers Future will let you place your own bets or set them up in a sequence through auto play mode. If you are ready to get to work on the virtual farm, then all it takes is a penny to get the reels spinning. There is a pay lines button to assist you in setting up precise pay lines. The maximum bet per spin stands at $90.

And before wagering real money, you can play some practice rounds to get the feel of the game. There is also a a pay table button where you can quickly review the game icons and their amounts. There is also an options button that allows you to adjust game settings like reel speed. Farmers Futures is also optimized for both desktop and mobile devices users. Because this is a flash based game, you have the choice of either playing it straight online on the web browser or for download to your preferred mobile device.

There is also an extra stop button to help you control the spin even more. Wager Gaming Software presents Farming Future, a 7 reel farm loving slot game.