Butterflies Slots

Wager Gaming Software is at the helm when it comes to Butterfly Slots, a cute animated slot wonder full of Butterflies.

The Inside Details About Butterfly Slots

Butterfly Slots is a five reel game that comes with 25 pay lines of butterfly goodness. The game play takes place right in the middle of the forest full of you guessed it, lovely butterflies. The wild symbol is represented by the butterfly house. This symbol will replace all the other symbols when it lands, except for the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will only land on the first reel. Also when it lands, it may trigger a random butterfly feature.

In the random butterfly feature, a butterfly will come flying out of the house, and attach itself to one of the many symbols, further impacting wins.

The scatter symbol is the lotus flower. When this symbol lands it will improve the winning multiplier based on the number that land during regular game play. All in all, you can win up to 100 times your bet placed. The male butterfly is the highest ranking symbol. Getting five of them on the pay line will shell out 7,000 credits.

The female butterfly is the second ranking symbol. Five of them on the pay line will reward you with 5,000 credits. The worm comes in third. It will pay out up to 1,000 credits. The other icons include the mushroom, and the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens. The goal is to get three of a kind of a symbol on the pay line to score a victory.

Butterfly Slots lets you place your own bets or have them setup in a sequence through auto play mode so you can get fully mesmerized by the butterfly experience. All you need is a penny to make the reels start spinning. There are coin buttons where you can easily adjust the number of coins you play with. There are pay line buttons where you can easily adjust the number of pay lines per spin. There is a pay table button where you can brush up on the icons and their respective amounts.

Wager Gaming Software proudly presents Butterflies Slots, a captivating five reel game full of the wonder and charm of the magical butterflies. This game can be played at several online casinos either on your personal computer or on your mobile device.